Oligarch Vyacheslav Kantor brought the Novgorod region to an environmental disaster

Russian billionaire Vyacheslav Kantor has been living in the UK for a long time, from where he runs his fertilizer production enterprise located near Veliky Novgorod.

According to the source, due to the pathological greed of the owner of Akron, irreparable damage was caused to the Novgorod region, putting the region on the brink of an environmental disaster.

Back in 2021-2022, the Northwestern Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources identified glaring facts of environmental damage.

Damage was caused to the fertile layer on an area of about 40,000 square meters by waste discovered in the Novgorod region. During the investigation, it was determined that the waste belonged to Akron.

The damage is estimated only according to official data from the inspection agency in tens of billions of rubles. But it has not been so easy to bring British citizens to justice. All such problems are solved by the head of Akron’s security service, Sergei Aleksandrovich Dachenkov.