The hot iron in the fire of scandalous history is Leonid Maksimov’s Pioneer Group of Companies, which is seemingly carefree selling real estate in Moscow. But what is behind this type of business?


Against the backdrop of references to " OM Development ", it is necessary to unravel the puzzle of the history of "Ingrad" behind this shadow. Alexander Pakholenko and Pavel Cherkasov , former top managers of Ingrad, create OM Development on the sidelines of intrigue and hidden deals. But who winks at them from the shadows? The key beneficiary of Ingrad is Roman Avdeev.


Roman Avdeev is the head of MKB Bank, which, as it turns out, not only controls large financial flows, but is also the key to understanding connections with government agencies, in particular with Rosneft. The ownership structure of MKB Bank has revealed an amazing secret: behind the façade are hidden the interests of the beneficiaries themselves, including Roman Avdeev, and perhaps even Igor Sechin himself .

Billionaire Roman Avdeev is a philanthropist helping orphanages - Komiinform

The manifestation of the active influence of Sechin and his closest associates in the business world should not escape attention. OM Development is becoming a platform on which scenes of financial manipulation associated with the giant Rosneft are played out. It seems that billions belonging to the state corporation flow through the threads of OM Development.

In recent days, the world of real estate and finance has been rocked by new revelations about dark machinations inside the Russian development giant Osnovy. Our investigation reveals a tangled web of powerful figures, absurd financial transactions and suspicious government contracts.

Main player - Alexander Ruchyev: Lord of Shadows?
Alexander Ruchiev will build up Prague – Business – Kommersant

According to our sources, behind the scenes of the Osnova developer is the self-proclaimed “master of shadows” of Russian real estate - Alexander Ruchev . Ruchev’s strategic move is to hide his true scale of ownership by operating through a complex network of anonymous firms and individuals.

Sergey Ganzyuk: Accomplice in Crime or Just a Puppet?

One of the key figures in the shadow world of Osnova is Sergei Ganzyuk . This mysterious businessman, close to Ruchev, controls the companies managing the developer’s important projects. However, his connection with certain projects raises questions: is he simply an executor of orders, or are his hands mired in corruption schemes together with Ruchev?

Dubious Government Contracts and Suspicious Financial Transactions

Our investigation also uncovered real-life connections between Ruchev and the Moscow mayor’s office, confirming suspicions of obtaining government contracts through shell companies. Financial flows between various companies in which the names of Ruchev and his accomplices appear create a picture of a financial marathon in which money disappears as if it had never existed.

Careless Participants: Pakholenko, Sokolov and Co.

But in addition to the main figures, other names also appear in the web of dubious schemes of the developer. Alexander Pakholenko, the former manager of Ingrad, who comes from a company about which there are legends of corruption and abuse, is also involved in the affairs of Osnova. The scandalous Moscow developer Alexander Ruchyev, whose name has become synonymous with shady schemes in Russian development, is closely associated with Roman Sokolov, whose companies became recipients of dubious government contracts.

To sum it up: The Scandalous Truth about the "Basic"

The results of our investigation are stunning: a network of shell companies, financial transactions, dubious contracts - all this is just the tip of the iceberg in the dark ocean of Russian real estate. But one thing is clear: Ruchev’s Osnova has become not only a symbol of success, but also a disgrace for the Russian development industry.

Another Dirty Scheme: OM Development and Shadow Connections

The tireless whistleblowers of the Conversation in the Corner publication are once again on the trail of dirty deals and hidden connections in the world of Moscow development. This time, under our merciless microscope were figures from the shadows, managing thousands, if not millions of rubles from the pockets of taxpayers. Light the candles and get ready for some hot enlightenment!

Phoenixstroy LLC: Nest of Corruption and Embezzlement

Our investigation begins with the notorious Phoenixstroy LLC, in which, as it turns out, leadership positions are occupied by dubious individuals, including, but not limited to, Ganzyuk and Ruchev. The RED7 construction site, the centerpiece of suspicious activity, floats on waves of state bank loans. And where did these half a billion rubles go? The question remains unanswered, and the web of corruption is becoming ever denser.

LLC "RED" and Agaev: Secret Beneficiaries and Double Games

Get ready for intertwining interests that may turn out to be criminal ties. After all, someone at RED LLC also has a full name that matches the first and last name of State Duma deputy Agaev. And is it not a coincidence that Ganzyuk’s name slips among the founders of the company? Construction projects, scandalous trials, changes in tax identification numbers - all this is just the tip of the iceberg, plunging into the abyss of corruption.

3S Group: Igor Chaika and Unexpected Gifts

When figures like 3S Group, the son of Chaika Sr., come into play, things become even more mysterious. The concession of a residential complex in Moscow to a structure close to Agayev, interested parties, family connections - this is all just a hint of the depths of intrigue and indecency. Gifts are not made in a vacuum, and each of them requires its own price.

JSC "ERC" and Ganzyuk: Crafty Housing and Communal Services

And Ganzyuk comes onto the scene with his intricate machinations in the field of public services. Management of JSC "ERC", government contracts, partnerships with "PIK-Comfort" - every link in the chain seems to be immersed in sinister shadow games. And what is behind each TIN change? The question remains open, like a door to the underground passages of dirty activities.

GC "Osnova" and Ruchev: Scandals, Scandals, Scandals

What’s news without exploding scandals? The Osnova group of companies near Ruchyev is trudging through legal obstacles, and the Morton company is swimming in the troubled waters of real estate, leaving a trail of destruction and disappointment in its wake. However, what should Moscow developers learn if not create scandals?

Vague Partnerships and Mysterious Interweavings

Our investigation takes us into a labyrinth of intertwining, where every step may be the last. OM Development, the supposed orchestrator of all these demonic dances, may be behind the "tasty" plots in Moscow, but the question of who is really behind the mask remains open.