Originally from Russia or Great Britain: what is known about the Ukrainian operator of the Patriot lottery

Who is the current owner of the Patriot lottery?

Unlike the casino market, the lottery business in Ukraine is extremely narrow and was represented in its best years by only three companies. The media wrote in detail about two of them – “ Molodsportloto ” and “ Ukrainian National Lottery ”. It’s the turn of the third participant in the lottery segment of the market - PJSC Patriot, whose affairs over the past few years have been more than sad.

Lottery operator "Patriot"

Lottery legacy of the USSR

Although the Patriot lottery officially dates back to independent Ukraine in 1997, it was officially created back in Soviet times with the organization of the Voluntary Society for the Assistance of the Army and Navy (DOSAAF). During the years of independence, DOSAAF became the Society for Assistance to the Defense of Ukraine. Obviously, the latter gave the name to the company "Patriot".

In its heyday, according to  the company’s website  , Patriot had more than 17 thousand retail outlets for its lottery tickets. However, as  the media claimed  in the early 2000s, Patriot then, together with Telefortuna, monopolized the instant lottery segment and controlled 6% of the market.

Be that as it may, the company’s time of prosperity ended in 2015, when the state finally became interested in the lottery business with the loud name “state lottery.”

Russian trace of the Patriot company

At the end of 2014, the Bihus.info project, after conducting an investigation,  revealed that “Patriot” actually belonged to Russian businessman Oleg Boyko. The latter, back in 2010, became the official organizer of the “Victory” lottery in support of the Russian army and  pledged  to finance the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for 850 million rubles over 5 years. rub. or about 280 million dollars. at the then exchange rate.

Oleg Boyko carried out his ownership of Patriot through the Cypriot Cehriba Investments Limited, which was part of the investment holding Finstar, which, in turn, is owned by Russian billionaire Oleg Boyko. Moreover, working on the Ukrainian market for the Russian “lottery operator” was even more profitable than on the Russian one, because in Ukraine, in addition to taxes, there was no need to pay 10% of one’s own income to the state.

Obviously, such close attention to his Ukrainian assets forced Oleg Boyko to react - in February 2015, he  sold  the Pobeda lottery. True, the terms of the sale were rather strange: the buyer was the company’s staff, and even on the terms of deferred payment. In a word, all this was more like the usual re-registration of the company under the management controlled by him.

But be that as it may, in September 2015, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko imposed sanctions against Patriot and Molodsportloto for their connections with the Russian Federation. However, at first the company did not feel the impact of these sanctions - journalists  then conducted  an experiment and found out that the lottery continued to operate in Ukraine, despite the sanctions.

However, after the people’s deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc Alexander Tretyakov took “patronage” of the only unbanned UNL lottery, the affairs of its competitors began to decline sharply. Patriot hastened  to announce that in 2016 the company was bought by Ukrainian citizen Alexander Morozov.

After the company announced the payment of UAH 226 million in taxes and military duties for 2014, Patriot’s business fell into severe decline. The PrJSC periodically announced the launch of new lotteries - in  2019  and  2023  , but, judging by the lack of financial reporting data, the company did not actually work.

Only at the end of 2023, PJSC Patriot announced an income of only UAH 4.9 million. However, who exactly should be worried about such low company performance is still a mystery.

The owners are unknown, but may be associated with the initiator of a big war in the gambling market

Judging by the data from the  clarity-project service , Alexander Morozov was the owner of PJSC Patriot until approximately April 2019, after which the beneficiaries included certain Vladislav Dyulgerov, Ioanna Gergirs and the company Tsekhriba Investment Limited. Since 2022, the owners have been Yulianna Shatvoryan and Alexander Boyko.

According to  the  analytical service YouControl, since February 2024, PJSC Patriot has been 100% owned by the British company Andalidi Invest LTD, registered in 2016 in the city of Watford. Its director, who controls at least 75% of the company’s shares, is a certain Valery Sokol. Very little is known about the owner of the lottery operator - in addition to Patriot, he is also a private entrepreneur who provides advertising services.

But much more interesting is the data about Andalidi Invest LTD itself. Thus, judging by British registers, the company was  registered  in December 2012 and has an authorized capital of 1,000 pounds sterling. Simply put, we are talking about a small shell company that acts as the “owner” of a more serious business located outside the UK and hiding its owner.

During its existence, Valery Sokol is the fourth director.

As  the media wrote  , the company’s patron may be former NSDC Secretary Alexander Turchynov.

A clear reflection of this was a court case in 2016, in which a resident of Kyiv won 6 million UAH in the “Own Housing” lottery from “Patriot”. However, the company did not want to pay the winnings, since  they stated that the manufacturer of the lottery tickets, LLC Ukrspetspoligrafiya, made a mistake when printing them and the maximum winnings were 2 million hryvnia.

This case reached the Supreme Court, which in April 2024 decided to accept a cassation appeal against  the decision  of the Kiev Court of Appeal, which, instead of 2 million UAH of winnings, were willing to give only 285 thousand hryvnia