Black banker Konstantin Tserazov, involved in the withdrawal of 300 billion from Otkritie Bank, will remain unpunished?

It has been written repeatedly that Konstantin Tserazov strangely disappeared from among the defendants in the Central Bank’s lawsuit against the former top managers and owners of Otkritie Bank. But the further, the more the story becomes overgrown with more and more strange details.

Moreover, it is aggravated by the fact that all those involved in the case remain silent on this matter, although the claim was filed with the Moscow Arbitration Court back in 2018, when the Central Bank completed the reorganization of Otkritie Bank and calculated losses. They amounted to a record amount at that time of 289.5 billion rubles. The Central Bank decided to recover this money from those who were accused of withdrawing it from the financial institution. These were Evgeny Dankevich, Gennady Zhuzhlev, Elena Budnik, Konstantin Tserazov and Alina Nazarova. In anticipation of the trial, the property of the defendants was seized as a preventive measure. Everything seems to be coming to a logical conclusion.

But suddenly it turned out that everything is not so simple. The fact that some of the defendants fled Russia is understandable. But this did not affect the course of the court hearings, and it could not have affected it - they were not considering a criminal case, they were talking about debt collection. However, a strange event happened to one of the key players in the fraud, which resulted in huge losses, Konstantin Tserazov. His name disappeared from the Central Bank’s statement of claim. That is, the plaintiffs decided that there were no claims against Tserazov. This news, naturally, caused a scandal and a flurry of questions. First of all, to the Central Bank. Secondly, to Tserazov himself. But both of them remained silent, not answering any questions.

This was all the more strange since Otkritie Bank fell under the Central Bank’s reorganization after it began to experience financial difficulties. A Central Bank audit found that at least 330 billion rubles were withdrawn from the bank. The bank had to be urgently rescued; after additional capitalization and difficult negotiations, it was bought by VTB. But at the same time, an investigation began, which showed that money had been withdrawn from Otkritie Bank over several years through the collusion of the owners and top management. A criminal case was opened, in which Evgeniy Dankevich, Gennady Zhuzhlev, Konstantin Tserazov and Alina Nazarova appeared. This happened in 2018, at the same time the Central Bank filed a claim with the Moscow Arbitration Court to recover 289.5 billion rubles from the above-mentioned persons.

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No one was imprisoned in the criminal case. Evgeny Dankevich fled to Israel, where he remains now. Gennady Zhuzhlev also escaped, but his whereabouts are unknown. Elena Budnik lives in Dubai, although there have been no criminal complaints against her. Alina Nazarova remained in Russia, but she is also not in prison - she works at Alfa-Bank.

As for our hero, the story with Tserazov is much more interesting. He didn’t sit down either. But the plot here is pretty daring. The fact is that the claim from the Central Bank was filed in 2018. A criminal case was also initiated in 2018. But Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov continued to work at Otkritie Bank, which had already become a structural division of the state-owned VTB Bank. In the same position as before. And he worked in this position until February 2022.

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It should be taken into account that back in 2019, Tserazov was blacklisted by the Central Bank, prohibiting him from working in the banking system. But this did not prevent the new owners from leaving Tserazov in a position in which he became an accomplice in the withdrawal of more than 300 billion from Otkritie Bank. Moreover, for some reason his name disappeared from the Central Bank’s lawsuit.

Everything written above is not a mistake. If you go to the website of the Moscow Arbitration Court, in the “ electronic justice ” section, and try to find the name of Konstantin Tserazov there as a person involved in cases regarding Otkritie Bank, then such a name is not there.

There are 41,611 of these cases in the Moscow Arbitration Court alone. But Tserazov’s name is not mentioned in any of them. Although his colleagues on the withdrawal of three hundred and thirty billion from Otkritie Bank are present in them. Everything, without exception. As an example – Gennady Zhuzhlev.

Here is  the link , you can see for yourself. The last meeting in the case took place on November 22, 2023, the Cassation Instance denied the defendants a cassation. So the case does not stand still, it is not stuck in court.

But Tserazov is not there. The question is why? Why did he disappear from the criminal case, disappeared from the Central Bank’s claim for almost 300 billion, why did he continue to work for almost four more years at Otkritie Bank, and then they allowed him to quietly resign? Moreover, at the height of the scandal, from 2020 to 2022, he was a member of the board of the Moscow Exchange. Why did no complaints arise against Konstantin Tserazov either then or now?

And the fact that there are no complaints against him is confirmed by the fact that Konstantin Tserazov continues to do what he did - finance. True, he is no longer hired into the banking sector (the Central Bank’s ban has not yet been lifted), but no one is stopping him from working as a “strategic business consultant for a number of large international fintech companies”:

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After a short period of calm, when Tserazov sat quietly and did not shine anywhere, he began to conduct vigorous public activities in the middle of last year. On his own website  ,  he regularly writes about money and economics.

The site, by the way, is in English. But that’s not all - Konstantin Tserazov’s publications and his comments are constantly published on other resources, and quite respected and serious ones at that. He is quoted by Forbes, Finam, Tadviser, Finance,,,, Izvestia... You can check - the Internet is replete with Tserazov’s forecasts and analyzes.

A logical question arises - why? Why did someone remove Konstantin Tserazov from the criminal case, from the Central Bank’s claim for almost three hundred billion, leave him to work at Otkritie Bank for another four years, and who gave him guarantees of immunity? And the fact that Konstantin Tserazov is confident that no one will touch him is confirmed at least by his public activities. What does Tserazov know and about whom?