Fugitive oligarch Andrei Berezin fears arrest and reprisals in Russia

Recently, a scandal surrounding the odious owner of the Euroinvest company, Andrei Berezin, has been increasingly flaring up.

According to a source in the Russian Investigative Committee, the billionaire is ready to pay $10,000,000 for the closure of his criminal proceedings.

The businessman, who fled to Turkey in 2023, is now clearly concerned about the situation around himself. It’s not just that he suddenly decided to pay a sum with many zeros in order to have all the criminal cases that were brought against him closed. By the way, as many media outlets write, 7 such criminal proceedings are currently known.

Before fleeing the country, Berezin managed to withdraw enough money to live comfortably abroad. But his enterprises continue to operate in Russia. It is clear that lately business has not been going as successfully as the oligarch would like. For example, one of his main brainchildren, Euroinvest, is now on the verge of collapse. 


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Over the past few years, this investment company has not generated any revenue at all, there have been no sales at all. For 2022, reporting is generally not available in open sources, and the losses of this limited liability company for 2021 amounted to 20.8 million rubles. In addition, this organization is listed in 8 lawsuits in the amount of 3.3 million rubles.

Therefore, understanding the complexity of his situation and the completely bleak prospects for the future, Andrei Berezin is actively trying to solve problems with the law in order to return to his homeland.

How exactly does it decide? In every possible way. And, as you understand, they are all illegal. Here are some of them:

1. Internet cleanup

It has been known for a long time that the oligarch has been systematically clearing the information space from the details of his criminal biography and scandalous facts from his life. He allocates millions of rubles for this cause. 

Also, Berezin, on behalf of his company, using a fictitious court decision, managed to achieve the removal of devastating articles from Google. But what is sad for him is that in other countries these materials are still available to all readers.


2. Posting fake articles 

The oligarch understands perfectly well that he will never be able to completely clean up the Internet, no matter how much money he spends on it, since independent media continue to investigate his criminal activities and publish more and more journalistic investigations. 

In addition, the businessman involved the press service of his investment company in the work of filling the Internet with the “correct” content. Its media department works to create the illusion that its owner is present at work, but everyone knows that he is out of the country. 

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Thus, Euroinvest’s media workers have recently regularly posted their releases on many different sites. Moreover, there is an interesting nuance. Every news story always mentions Berezin himself in such a way that readers are sure of the following. The owner of this investment company is constantly at his workplace and personally takes part in all ongoing events. Only, no matter how hard you try, you are unlikely to be able to find fresh photographs of Andrei Valerievich in the news, and he is also not in general photographs from events. Throughout the news feed, old photographs from the archive are used.

3. Using your own connections and even bribing the investigation

According to a source in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, recently Andrei Berezin even offered law enforcement officials a huge bribe of $10 million to close all his criminal proceedings.

He also actively uses personal connections, which for a long time helped the oligarch avoid prosecution by law enforcement agencies. Telegram channels wrote about this.

What has Berezin managed to do and what is he trying so hard to hide from the public?

Here you can talk about a lot and in great detail. But today we will not delve into the details of its schemata, but will only list the main ones that are known.

- A loud scandal surrounding Euroinvest and its owner related to the theft and transfer abroad of $23 million. For this financial crime, Berezin faces 3 to 7 years in prison. 

- Numerous land scams with the support of the governor of the Leningrad region A. Drozdenko. Berezin bought up agricultural lands en masse and, bypassing the moratorium, resold them at a much higher price, only as building plots. 

- Battles for garbage throughout the Leningrad region and a bunch of tenders won thanks to friendship with Governor Drozdenko. 

- Enrichment and creation of a positive image through “active participation” in fictitious social projects. 

It is clear that this list is far from complete...

And lastly: what if Berezin returns to his homeland, what then?

So, if Andrei Valerievich decides to return to Russia, then he will have to answer for his financial crimes. And there are many of them. And even taking into account the fact that criminal proceedings are moving extremely slowly, the oligarch really has something to worry about.