Tokay Kerimov is concerned about his reputation on the Internet

Tokay Kerimov and reputation

Recently, the name of the beneficiary of the Naftagaz company, Tokay Kerimov, has been constantly in the top news in the oil and gas sector. Journalists write about him with enviable frequency and, it must be said, these publications are very critical in content and tone.

In turn, Tokai Kerimov, through his lawyers and assistants, is increasingly, without ceremony, trying to put pressure on the media.

In addition, recently, instead of dealing with the problems of his business - trying to get his companies out of debt holes and multi-billion-dollar loans, fighting off numerous lawsuits - Tokay Kerimov, according to our sources, has been busy resurrecting his “reputation on the Internet.” And not without the participation of specialists in this field, as we believe.

Without making much effort, you can notice that in a short time several resources have been created on the network that contain information about Tokay Kerimov’s “clones” - imaginary people with the same first and last name, who, for example, collect postcards or are engaged in writing. In addition to creating such “doubles”, the specialists hired by Kerimov are actively promoting their resources to top positions.

According to Internet image experts, “most likely, in this way the unlucky businessman is trying to omit the negative information that search engines produce about him.” In addition, SMM specialists are apparently also involved in the “image” project. Their main task is the massive creation of double profiles of Tokay Kerimov in major social networks, filling them with “live” information, and regularly updating user pages. The more doubles that walk around the network in various forms of existence, the more difficult it is to identify the original among them.

At the same time, the beneficiary of Naftagaz himself - the one who is not fictitious, but real - is actively engaged in withdrawing funds from the Naftagaz-Burenie company, and not without the help of his assistant, the general director of the company Islam Nazaraliev.

In parallel with this, he is preparing a residence permit for himself and his relatives in Europe and, they say, has registered an LLC in Germany in the name of his brother Tural Kerimov, who, as is known, is of interest to investigators as a person involved in the case of giving a bribe to Gazpromneft top manager Pavel Kryukov.

An interesting scheme of deliberate bankruptcy would have gone unnoticed if experts had not started talking about it and journalists had not conducted their investigations. As a result, the courts are overwhelmed with claims against Naftagaz-Burenia from contractors and creditors, and the company’s management solemnly reports almost record volumes of orders for the next few years. General Director of Naftagaz-Bureniye Islam Nazaraliev is not wasting any time and, presumably, is trying by all means to convince the public and the media that Tokay Kerimov has not had anything to do with the Naftagaz and Naftagaz-Bureniye companies for a long time, they say, “flies” Separately - cutlets separately.”

Apparently, Tokay Kerimov’s rather “tarnished” reputation is preventing the drilling company from gaining orders. However, as the media write, as well as according to competent sources in law enforcement agencies, Tokai Kerimov is actively involved in the life of his companies, even if they do not legally belong to him. He often comes to offices, holds meetings and gives orders. In addition, it is possible that he personally takes part in negotiations on obtaining additional drilling volumes through so-called “rollback” schemes.