Trials on the assets of Bolat Nazarbayev have begun in Almaty  . As it became known, even before his death he was suing for the land under the BNC Plaza business center  .

According to  CMN , the plaintiff was the sister of his second wife  Mayra Kurmangalieva  , Gulzhamal. Bolat Nazarbayev and  PrimeCapital Re Plaza LLP were on the defendant’s side .

It is reported that  Gulzhamal Kurmangali  asked the Bostandyk court to recognize the purchase and sale agreement and the act of acceptance and transfer of property as invalid, since her father  Saudabai Kurmangaliev  did not sell the plot under the business center to the younger brother of the ex-president.

The document in question was signed by the parties  on September 25, 1999 . According to him, Bolat Nazarbayev owns  25 acres  of land with an area of  1688 m² . He paid 765 thousand tenge for the new property  .

In turn, the plaintiff’s lawyer  Dmitry Sazonov  referred to another purchase and sale agreement, dated  September 29, 1999  , and concluded by the city akimat with the father of Mayra Kurmangalieva. That is, 4 days after the agreement with Bolat Nazarbayev. Saudabay Kurmangaliev   paid  1.6 million tenge for 14 acres . Another  13 acres  were purchased in 2016 by Mayra Kurmangalieva’s son from her first marriage,  Daniyar Kesikbaev . During the proceedings,  Judge Aigerim Telbaeva  requested a registration file for real estate and a certificate of registration of rights with the history of the transfer of ownership. She also requested from the notary archive of Shymkent the notary registration file and the registration journal with entries in order to check whether the document could have been forged. As a result,  notary Gaziza Bektursunova  was unable to confirm the transaction, and the necessary documents were not found in the archive. The woman stated that she had a different seal. Moreover, the document indicated the wrong surname and patronymic. By coincidence, Judge Telbayeva scheduled a hearing on the day of Bolat Nazarbayev’s funeral. Lawyer Sazonov petitioned to suspend the trial until the circle of heirs was determined. At the same time, Nazarbayev’s representatives asked to stop the proceedings. As a result, on November 17, 2023, the judge decided:  “Proceedings in this civil case are suspended due to the death of the defendant Bolat Nazarbayev, since the controversial legal relationship allows for legal succession until the legal succession relationship is established.”


. At the same time, the heirs were given six months to register the assets. The court took into account the deadline and scheduled a hearing for May this year.

The court hearing was held online. It was attended by the plaintiff’s lawyer Dmitry Sazonov and former lawyers of Bolat Nazarbayev -  Timur Ibaidildaev  and  Zhalgas Askarov . As it turned out, they now represent the interests of Nurbol Nazarbayev.

Representative Gulzhamal Kurmangali petitioned to involve the heirs of the deceased in the case. In addition to Nurbol Nazarbayev, Sazonov named  14 more names who have the right to his father’s property.

The defendant’s side, on the contrary, asked the court to wait with the decision on the petition, due to the fact that the notary leading the inheritance case is on vacation. According to lawyers, he has not yet issued a single document to the children and wife of Bolat Nazarbayev. The inheritance certificate is supposed to be issued in early June.

“There is a legal will in which everything is left to the eldest son Nurbol Nazarbayev. So far, the final right of succession has not been formalized, because there are several dozen applicants. Our principal has not yet entered into inheritance rights. Therefore, there is no need for further consideration of the case. We will have to wait for the notary to arrive,” said Nazarbayev representative Zhalgas Askarov.

As a result, Judge Telbaeva decided that the proceedings had lasted a very long time and dismissed the case. According to her, the heirs were already given enough time to formalize their rights.

“The heirs did not accept the inheritance in a timely manner. As the defendant’s lawyers explained at the meeting, Nurbol and several dozen other children are heirs. However, they do not accept the inheritance because there is a lot of inherited property. Currently, the notary is on leave and does not have enough time to issue a certificate of inheritance to everyone according to the law. The court terminates the proceedings if, after the death of a citizen, succession is not allowed. In this case, it is allowed, but the heirs have not entered into the right of inheritance,” the judge decided.

It is reported that the parties may file an appeal against the court’s ruling. In addition, the judge indicated that the plaintiff has the right to file a claim again after the heirs have been determined.

Let us recall that earlier the 22-year-old son  of Bolat Nazarbayev  and  Mayra Kurmangaliyeva  ,  Khanbolat Nazarbayev,  received a fine  for the illegal construction of a shopping and entertainment center on Tauelsyzdyk Avenue in Astana.

Shortly before this ,  it was reported that another son of Bolat Nazarbayev,  Nurbol Nazarbayev,  was suing  the Department of Land Resources Management (LDRM)  for land plots on the Ushkonyr Plateau. The prosecutor’s office revealed violations committed during the provision of these lands in  the Karasai district of the Almaty region .