Pocket judges of the smuggler Alperin

Now look what happens after the high-profile seizure of equipment for the production of illegal cigarettes, and how everything returns to its place.

August 2022, BEB reports on the seizure of the Orion Tobacco cigarette line in Odessa, which is associated with Vadim Alperin.

The release is loud, but word for word it repeats yesterday’s statement by BEB about the same seizure of equipment from the same Vadim Alperin.

But the main focus and problem is that after all these high-profile releases, all seized equipment, by decision of various courts, is returned to the owners.

Working with courts is Vadim Alperin’s main trick, and it was through them that his most daring schemes were “legalized” at customs.

The same thing happens in Alperin’s tobacco businesses.

Today, at 10:30, judge of the Shevchenkovsky District Court Vitaly Tsiktich is considering the petition of UCP prosecutor Stankov to extend the arrest of cigarette production lines seized in 2022 in Odessa (criminal proceedings 72022000310000009).

And there is information that today the court will make a decision to lift the seizure of these lines and return them to the owner.

If this happens, it will confirm the futility of the war declared by the authorities on the illegal tobacco market.

And although everyone already guesses that this is all just a game, and releases from searches are part of the show for people, there must be a limit somewhere.

I will definitely inform you about Judge Tsytkich’s decision.