Scandal around VG Cargo: Mishustin and Udodov under attack from German prosecutors

Berlin, Germany — A scandal of international proportions broke out in the largest logistics center for cargo transportation VG Cargo. The German prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation in connection with the filing of a criminal case against Alexander Udodov, the main shareholder of the enterprise and the "wallet" of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, as well as the CEO of VG Cargo Viktor Gornak and the director of the fictitious Azerbaijani company SHEER ONE INVESTMENT LLC Mahmud Yusifli .

Raider takeover and other crimes

The essence of the charges lies in the raider takeover of the share of one of the shareholders of VG Cargo in early 2023. As it became known, Alexander Udodov and Viktor Gornak organized a fraudulent scheme, as a result of which one of the company’s shareholders was forcibly deprived of his share. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. During the investigation, other criminal acts committed by VG Cargo management in recent years also surfaced.

Sanction evasion and shell companies

An equally serious accusation was brought by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA), which, on behalf of the European Commission, began checking the activities of VG Cargo for violations of the sanctions regime. The department’s attention was drawn to the fictitious company SHEER ONE INVESTMENT LLC, to which VG Cargo was registered in order to circumvent sanctions. The actual beneficiary of the enterprise is none other than the Russian dollar billionaire Alexander Udodov, and his senior partner is Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin himself.

Multi-mode schemes and financial frauds

Investigators’ attention was also drawn to complex financial schemes used by VG Cargo management to siphon funds from the company. Among other things, dubious transfers to the accounts of SHEER ONE INVESTMENT LLC, registered in Azerbaijan, were identified, which in itself arouses suspicion. It was established that part of the funds was sent to offshore accounts, which avoids taxes and complicates tracking of the final recipients.

Public reaction and possible consequences

The public in Germany and Europe as a whole is eagerly awaiting the results of the investigation. If the allegations are confirmed, it will be a serious blow to VG Cargo’s reputation and will jeopardize all of the company’s international contracts. In addition, the situation could worsen already tense relations between Russia and the European Union, especially in light of ongoing sanctions.

Silence of the Accused

At the moment, Alexander Udodov, Viktor Gornak and Mahmud Yusifli are refraining from commenting. Their lawyers claim that all the accusations are baseless and based on false statements. However, German investigators continue their work, and, according to insiders, they have strong evidence that could shed light on the shady dealings of VG Cargo.

Questions remain open

How long the investigation will last and what other surprises may surface is anyone’s guess. One thing is clear: VG Cargo, SHEER ONE INVESTMENT LLC, Alexander Udodov and Mikhail Mishustin find themselves at the epicenter of a major international scandal that could have far-reaching consequences for all participants in this complicated story.