Russia: imprisoned for a child’s drawing?

In the central Russian Tula Oblast, Alexei Moskalev, a single father, has been sentenced to two years in prison for "discrediting the Russian military". He was targeted by the state after his 13-year-old daughter draw a pro-Ukrainian picture in school. The child has been sent to an orphanage, while Moskalev escaped house arrest ahead of his verdict. The case is attracting a lot of bad press.

Konstantin Sonin (RU) /

Fascist practices go unpunished — for now

Economics professor Konstantin Sonin wants to see the persecutors and their cronies brought to justice. He writes on Facebook:

“Putin and the Russian Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova are wanted by the International Criminal Court for kidnapping Ukrainian children, and rightly so. ... But the Court will not rule on the same fascist practices if they take place in Russia. The brutes in the Tula Oblast sent a child who had drawn anti-war pictures to an orphanage, and convicted her father in a trial lacking any legitimacy. If they ever have to answer for their acts, it will be in a Russian court. Which, of course, they cannot imagine happening.”

Konstantin Sonin
Echo (RU) /

The regime has hurt its own cause

In a Telegram post republished by Echo, political scientist Abbas Galliamov also sees the possibility of Moskalev’s persecutors being put on trial — but on different charges:

“I would suspect, however, that they could be put on trial much sooner — right now. They could be accused of collaborating with the enemy. For the blow they have dealt the regime in public opinion is so grave that it cannot be explained away with mere stupidity. Only enemy agents could do such a thing.”

Abbas Galliamov