Spain: PP forms coalition with far-right party

After the regional and local elections in May, the conservative Partido Popular (PP) is negotiating the formation of a coalition government with the far-right Vox party in several regions and municipalities. In the Valencia region a coalition has now been agreed in which Vox will probably take over three ministries. Commentators take different stances on the move, also in view of the upcoming general election.

El País (ES) /

A historic mistake with pan-European repercussions

El País wonders if Alberto Núñez-Feijóo knows what he’s doing:

“Since yesterday, the PP leader has had on his conscience the entry into the local and regional governments of a formation that opposes the state of the autonumous communities which is enshrined in the constitution and which is allied in Europe with EU opponents such as the far-right governments of Poland and Hungary. If similar alliances are formed on Saturday in the 135 municipalities and five regional governments where the PP needs Vox, the Spanish far right will secure a degree of penetration at all levels of government that is almost without parallel in Europe. ... With the domino effect of this agreement, the PP is assuming a historic responsibility of pan-European impact.”

ABC (ES) /

Now seek power at the national level

ABC hopes that the deal in Valencia will clear the way for similar right-wing conservative alliances throughout the country:

“The deal now reached gives hope that new government majorities could emerge in 135 municipalities and up to six autonomous communities if the same kind of agreement can be reached as in the Valencian Community. Forming a government at the national level should be the ultimate goal. However, for that both Vox and the Popular Party would have to make concessions. This first agreement should set the course for the future and mark the start of a new political cycle.”

La Vanguardia (ES) /

Ignoring a party this popular is no good

The situation in Spain is different from that in Germany, La Vanguardia notes:

“The PP unhesitatingly agreed quickly and without any hesitation to govern the Valencian Community together with Vox yesterday, and it could do the same on the Balearic Islands today. Vox has been whitewashed by many media and in particular by many citizens. ... When so many people vote for the party, a ‘cordon sanitaire’ [exclusion by other parties] is of little help. Spain is not Germany, where then chancellor Angela Merkel wanted to have the 2020 election of Thuringia’s prime minister declared null and void because he was elected with the votes of the Alternative for Germany (AfD). There, no one wants to make a pact with the far right.”

Jordi Juan