Romanian right-wing leader worked for Russia?

The leader of the Romanian right-wing nationalist AUR party, George Simion, is facing accusations from within the Ukrainian intelligence services and Moldovan politics that he had links with the Russian secret service around a decade ago. His party entered the Romanian parliament with a surprisingly strong showing in the 2020 elections, and is currently placed second in some polls. (RO) /

Time for an urgent investigation

The Romanian state has a duty to investigate the allegations against Simion, insists:

“The accusations of espionage and treason, which come at a sensitive time when war is raging on Romania’s doorstep, are serious. If there is even an ounce of truth in them this must be uncovered, proven and punished in court. Because it would entail that the extremist AUR party, which is currently posing as Romania’s defender, is gaining popularity in the polls on the basis of a huge deception.”

Dan Tapalaga
Spotmedia (RO) /

Publicity for Putin

Spotmedia compares the AUR leader’s methods with those of Marina Tauber, leader of the pro-Russian Șor party in the Republic of Moldova:

“Both follow the same strategy, inciting riots, spreading their messages via social networks, broadcastiong live on their phones so as to reach as many people as possible. But the most important — and striking — similarity is that they both promote Putin’s ideology regarding the EU, Nato and democracy while presenting their message in social packaging and pretending to take a great interest in the people’s problems.”

Emilian Isaila