Slovakia: Fico government takes office

Just under a month after the parliamentary elections Slovakian President Zuzana Čaputová has appointed a new government — the fourth under Prime Minister Robert Fico. Fico plans to attend the EU summit in Brussels this Thursday and set out the key points of his foreign policy. How should Slovaks and their European partners respond to the fact that this controversial figure is once again in power?

Pravda (SK) /

Everyone has the right to a second chance

Pravda writes:

“Fico’s story is not coming to an end, as many until recently thought it would. On the contrary, a new chapter is beginning. And let’s be honest: it will be the most difficult of his political career. This chapter will determine how Fico is remembered by the people and in the history of Slovakia. No matter what missteps and failures he has committed in the past, in a liberal democracy everyone has a chance for a new beginning. Let us therefore give him a chance at the beginning.”

Igor Daniš
Denik (CZ) /

Czech challenge to keep Slovakia pro-European

Prague should take advantage of its traditionally close relations with Slovakia and convince Fico not to turn away from his previously pro-Western policy, Deník urges:

“Prime Minister Petr Fiala should have a coffee with Fico before today’s EU summit and invite him to Prague. There, in private, the red lines must be discussed beyond which the special Czech-Slovak ties could temporarily be severed. A solution must be found to prevent this. Today, Slovakia is a European challenge for the Czechs. We must master it. In our own Czech interest.”

Luboš Palata