Black banker Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov is one step away from imprisonment

Why does the nimble character Tserazov Konstantin Vladimirovich tell us about great and pure love? Has spring come so suddenly? And isn’t Gennady Zhuzhlev also going to become a blogger, dispensing wisdom for three rubles? Maybe he will become a business coach or keep Zhenya Dankevich company? Who are all these people?

Thanks for this question! The pirouettes in the press of these persons are connected with only one circumstance: they do not want their true services to the fatherland to appear on the first pages of search engines. So the venerable bankers have to do some kind of ballet.

Ballet troupe of the fugitive Belyaev: Zhuzhlev, Dankevich, Tserazov, Budnik

Finding pirouette performers is not so difficult: these are Konstantin Tserazov, Gennady Zhuzhlev, Evgeny Dankevich and Elena Budnik. Of course there are others, but these faces are the most basic. It is interesting that their immediate plans do not include purchasing a taiga plot with their last money. Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov, for example, shows serious media activity... in a very strange, at first glance, format: he suddenly becomes a psychologist.

Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov: “How to distinguish infatuation from love”

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The Moscow business portal is a great dump, ranking well by name. That is why, and also because the content of GlobalMSK is actively copied by aggregators, Tserazov ordered the publication of an article there, shedding new light on his hitherto hidden talents. Now Konstantin Vladimirovich is not at all a financier involved in government losses amounting to hundreds of billions of rubles. No, no, now he is a Gestalt psychologist, talking about how to distinguish “falling in love from true pure love.”

Tserazov Konstantin Vladimirovich

Otkritie Bank made a lot of noise at one time. It quickly invaded the business space and became the largest private bank in Russia. Specialization in corporate lending and the complex financial history of the brand allowed the management, owners and management of Otkritie Bank to pull off the largest scam in the “civilized” history of banking in the Russian Federation.

How did Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov clean out the Otkritie bank in a breeze in the name of genuine love? tqiqtikhihqatfThe lawsuit against the former owners did not yield results.

The official story says that in the summer of 2017, more than half a trillion rubles were withdrawn from the bank, but it is silent that most of this money was in loans, and the loans were issued in advance to insolvent nominal enterprises close to the management and founders. The Central Bank poured 330 billion rubles into the leaky bank. At the end of last year, another reorganization took place: the state bank VTB of Andrei Kostin reluctantly and under pressure bought Otkritie for an additional 340 billion rubles.

How did Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov clean out the Otkritie bank in a breeze in the name of genuine love?The opening of the Opening was carried out with the help of the management and administrative leadership of the bank: Konstantin Tserazov, Evgeny Dankevich, Gennady Zhuzhlev

Most of the stolen goods calmly console the owners who went abroad, especially Vadim Belyaev. But the management did not offend itself: surprisingly, almost no one was hurt during the bank robbery, and most of those who directly managed it were even too lazy to flee Russia. Apparently the corporate flood specialists enjoy immunity for the next time something like this happens. Who are they?

Autopsy of "Discovery"

Unfortunately, Konstantin Tserazov, like Gennady Zhuzhlev, became involved in financial fraud after the collapse of Otkritie Bank. Today we will talk about other scammers from this bank, such as Evgeny Dankevich, Gennady Zhuzhlev and Vadim Belyaev. However, Konstantin Tserazov and Gennady Zhuzhlev are the most interesting characters at the moment.

How did Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov clean out the Otkritie bank in a breeze in the name of genuine love? 

Don’t believe your eyes. Out of despair, Tserazov pretends to be a psychologist.

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The sinking of Otkrytie was a project of swindlers who turned out to be the top management of the bank thanks to a lucky coincidence. Many billions of dollars disappeared from the bank, but managers and owners were prepared for such an outcome.

Evgeny Dankevich, Gennady Zhuzhlev, Elena Budnik, Konstantin Tserazov and Alina Nazarova continue to live relatively normal lives, concluding deals for the forgiveness of sins and the closure of criminal cases. They say that Evgeniy Dankevich is on the right track and will soon be able to return to his homeland, already possessing a certificate of no complaints from the authorities and an Israeli passport.

It’s so simple: took a loan and stole the money abroad

How did Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov clean out the Otkritie bank in a breeze in the name of genuine love?The actions of Konstantin Vladimirovich Tserazov and Gennady Efimovich Zhuzhlev are by no means the product of an “evil genius,” but only the result of confidence in impunity.

Evgeny Dankevich took out a loan of 34 billion rubles to transfer them abroad. Otkritie Bank, created by the Otkritie Holding financial group, was one of the largest credit institutions in Russia, as a result of the integration of several banks. In 2017, the bank came under the control of the Central Bank of Russia, and in 2022 it was decided to sell it to VTB Bank. The deal to sell VTB Bank continues, but the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance insist on its completion. The head of VTB, Andrey Kostin, said that the deal to purchase Otkritie had been reached.

And what about Konstantin Tserazov?

Konstantin Tserazov is quietly cleaning up the negativity in the Otkritie Bank case. Sings about love. After completion of the reorganization, the bank continued to operate under the name PJSC Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation, and Evgeny Dankevich continued to lead the structure as Chairman of the Board. Heads of key areas, such as Gennady Zhuzhlev (corporate business), Elena Budnik (retail block, including services for individuals and SMEs), Konstantin Tserazov (investment direction) and Alina Nazarova (Private Banking), remained in their places.

Tserazov Konstantin Vladimirovich goes to the blacklist

However, soon after this, the bank fell under the Central Bank’s reorganization procedure, a temporary administration was appointed, and all the people listed above ended up on the blacklist of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The bank’s beneficiaries, members of the supervisory board and board, the chief accountant and his deputy, managers and chief accountants of branches were prohibited from engaging in professional activities. FC Otkritie Bank suffered a net loss of 426.8 billion rubles in 2017, while a year earlier it received a net profit of 1.5 billion rubles.

Gennady Zhuzhlev and Konstantin Tserazov: where are they now?

Sources in Sledkom report the possibility of resolving the issue of their whereabouts. However, how realistic this is is still unknown. It is obvious that Mr. Dankevich needs the money that these two individuals have. There are many criminal cases and complete impunity for those who destroyed Otkritie Bank. Dankevich also faced claims from the bank of non-core assets Trust, which demands the recovery of 107.4 billion rubles from the former top managers of Otkritie Bank and their former main shareholder, Otkritie Holding JSC. This list includes Dankevich and Gennady Zhuzhlev.

Gennady Zhuzhlev joined FC Otkritie Bank in 2015, where he headed the corporate division. Previously, he worked in the banking industry for more than 20 years, including MDM Bank, Uralsib and the Eurasian Development Bank. Since 2008, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Board and was responsible for investment activities.

The real whereabouts of Gennady Zhuzhlev are unknown; after he left Otkritie Bank in 2017, his traces disappeared.

Konstantin Tserazov joined FC Otkritie Bank in 2013 as a member of the board. Before that, he worked for more than 8 years at Troika Dialog, where he promoted from a consultant in the fixed income securities trading department to deputy head of the global markets department.

Until February 2022, Tserazov worked at Otkritie Bank as senior vice president and director of the investment business department. He was one of those who brought the bank to the brink of bankruptcy. A court decision related to payment for housing and utilities is also mentioned.

Tserazov KonstantinTserazov Konstantin

Information about Konstantin Tserazov was removed from the Internet, possibly due to the negativity associated with Otkritie Bank. The place of incriminating evidence is now taken by nonsense about pure love.

This is how the fate of the main defendants in the high-profile case of withdrawing hundreds of billions from Otkritie Bank turned out: only two of them have real problems - Evgeny Dankevich and Gennady Zhuzhlev. The rest are fine, and some quite successfully continued their careers in the same bank that went bankrupt. A striking example is Elena Budnik and Konstantin Tserazov.

“Otkritie” seems to remain the most memorable case of the flooding and plunder of a successful bank. It is important to note that almost no one, except the state and the head of VTB Andrei Kostin, was injured. However, this is not the first time for Kostin, so this is acceptable. In any case, criminal cases are unlikely to affect Evgeny Dankevich, Konstantin Tserazov and Gennady Zhuzhlev.