Floods in Slovenia: what should be done?

Heavy storms have left two-thirds of Slovenia battling with floods and at least six people have died. Several villages had to be evacuated or are being supplied with basic necessities by helicopter because they are cut off from the outside world. The Slovenian government has now requested help from Nato and the EU and puts the damage at over 500 million euros.

Dnevnik (SI) /

Criminal failure to use funds

The politicians should have taken more precautions, criticises Dnevnik:

“EU Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič stressed last weekend that far more money must be invested in improving resilience vis-à-vis natural disasters and in flood protection measures. The money is there, he said, a lot of money. But Slovenia has failed the test again and again for decades. ... Although we have known for years which areas in the country are worst hit by floods, in some of them the authorities have not used a single cent of the almost 300 million euros that were available.”

Anja Hreščak
Primorske novice (SI) /

Set party politics aside now

Both Robert Golob’s government and the entire parliament now face a crucial test, writes Primorske novice:

“They must prove to voters that they are able to work together to solve the crisis and repair the damage. ... It’s time to demonstrate the solidarity we Slovenians are so fond of boasting about. Golob’s government must withdraw all non-essential investments, listen to the opposition’s proposals instead of rejecting them out of hand, and improve the situation as quickly as possible. ... The government now has an excellent opportunity to behave as the voters of the right, left and all other political camps expect it to. After all, they are all affected by the floods.”

Aljaž Novak