Greece at odds over waiters in the sea

In Greece, a video of a waiter on the island of Rhodes wading out into the sea to serve guests on a floating platform has triggered a heated debate. The independent labour inspectorate now plans to investigate. A case of degrading work conditions or a well-paid job? (GR) /


Protagon does not understand the customers who allow themselves to be served in this way:

“Every entrepreneur has the right to imagine whatever he wants for his business. He may have the bright idea of having his staff serve customers by swimming, flying, doing acrobatics on ropes or climbing up to deck chairs hanging from rocks. He may want the waiters to parachute down to customers. Although this kind of service may seem kitschy to some, others will be willing to pay for it. And some employees will agree to provide it. But what kind of person accepts being served like this? In a way that deprives the employee of their dignity, even if they don’t realise it. ... Normally, a person would be embarrassed and annoyed by such a sight.”

Stampouloglou Lila
News247 (GR) /

Work hard and earn money

In News 247, journalist Giannis Triandis lauds all those who don’t shy away from hard work:

“I’m on the side of the young people who do not consider their work humilliating. Who serve customers in the water. Who hand out leaflets on the street. Who go to night school and clean stairways or work in petrol stations during the day. Of the workers who don’t believe that they deserve other ‘better jobs’. In short, of those who don’t moan, and who don’t hate society for what they do. ... I’m on the side of the waiter, who isn’t waiting for government benefits to make a living. Who doesn’t care about the profile of those he serves, or that customers might give him hefty tips out of pity.”

Giannis Triandis