Cyprus: violence against migrants

Cyprus is in shock after an anti-migrant march in the port city of Limassol turned violent on Friday night, with hundreds of protesters wearing hoods attacking people and ransacking shops. Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulidis expressed indignation, and on Saturday hundreds of people took to the streets to demonstrate against racism. Commentators voice dismay.

News247 (GR) /

There is a humane side too

News247 is outraged:

“How can people who have been displaced by war and poverty be persecuted with such cruelty by the inhabitants of a country that has also experienced (and is still experiencing) displacement and flight? The following day the other Cyprus took to the streets of Limassol: the Cyprus where people are humane and remember, the Cyprus that made us breathe a sigh of relief.”

Giannis Almbanis
Cyprus Times (CY) /

Decisions needed now

Writing in the news website Cyprus Times, journalist Nikola-Peter Kaparti calls for consequences:

“Should we also talk about the responsibility of the authorities? Why is it that when there are incidents or fascist attacks by people wearing hoods, the authorities always just let this happen? ... Of course, I’m not claiming that the hard-working police officers on the front line are to blame for this tolerant stance, but rather those who give the orders and are responsible for determining a plan of action. ... Now the president should take action, get his act together and make decisions that prevent a repeat of such incidents. Fascist pogroms have no place in any country, and certainly not in our Cyprus, which has itself experienced invasion and people having to flee.”

Nikola-Peter Kaparti