Slovakia: no more military aid for Ukraine

Slovakia’s new government under Robert Fico has announced it will no longer provide Ukraine with state military aid. Fico is thus making good on one of his campaign promises. Commercial enterprises will not be banned from providing support, however. Slovak press commentators see the decision as a mistake.

Denník Postoj (SK) /

A strong neighbour is in the country’s interest

Denník Postoj comments:

“Although our capacities are limited, such a demonstrative refusal to supply military aid is not in our national interest, which calls for a strong and independent Ukraine between us and Russia. To fulfil this role, Kyiv needs our solidarity and help in these difficult times. Morally, economically, and also militarily. For now, at least the programme statement only mentions the discontinuation of military aid at the government level, which means that the government will not raise any objections to commercial military supplies to Ukraine.”

Jozef Majchrák
Denník N (SK) /

Ceding territory not an option

Denník N notes:

“Of course nobody is against the immediate enforcement of a ceasefire and the start of peace negotiations. But under no circumstances should it be the case that someone can break into your flat and occupy one room, only to have your neighbour, who wants no part in your disputes, suggest that you just let the intruder stay in that room. Yet this is exactly the position of the new government: Ukraine should accept Russia’s territorial gains, i.e. the violation of international law, as well as all the killing and bombing.”

Ivan Štulajter