Czech Republic: 150 km/h on motorways?

The maximum speed limit on motorways in the Czech Republic is to be increased from 130 to 150 kilometres per hour, the Czech Chamber of Deputies has decided. Due to the poor condition of most motorways, however, the top speed of 150 km/h will only be possible on a few selected stretches. Commentators argue that the project makes no sense.

Lidové noviny (CZ) /

Upping speed limit won’t speed things up

Lidové noviny writes:

“Increasing the speed limit to 150 km/h won’t help matters. For the most part the quality of our motorways is not good enough for cars to drive that fast on them. Moreover, increasing the speed on some shorter sections may actually slow down the traffic due to speed irregularities. Add to that the fact that according to previous studies an increase in speed leads to a higher accident rate, and, of course, higher fuel consumption. For these reasons the Czech Car Club, the Union of Towns and Municipalities and the Ministry of Industry and Trade were all against increasing the speed limit.”

Marek Hudema
Hospodářské noviny (CZ) /

Gas gas brake brake gas gas gas

With the Czech motorway network being what it is, the new rule is liable to promote extremely erratic driving, says commentator Petr Honzejk of Hospodářské noviny:

“Just to be clear: I have nothing against higher speeds. ... If you drive fast and smoothly on a continuous German or Polish motorway, where several lanes allow smooth overtaking and everyone is used to high speeds, it’s great and safe. But the new ‘zero to 200 and back again’ model here is a different matter altogether, with potentially very different consequences, also in terms of safety. No one wants to encounter a road user with bipolar disorder. And the last thing we need is the state to create that type of driver.”

Petr Honzejk