Trial in Georgia: Trump in real trouble this time?

Donald Trump has been indicted for the fourth time within the space of a few months, this time on charges related to alleged efforts to tilt the result of the 2020 US presidential election in his favour in the state of Georgia. If convicted of organised crime, Trump faces at least five years in prison. This trial is different from previous ones, Europe’s press stresses.

The Irish Times (IE) /

An unintentional boost

This fourth indictment will also play into Trump’s hands, fears The Irish Times:

“It may, indeed, have secured him the Republican nomination as every successive indictment has extended his lead over party rivals. The Republican narrative is to criticise the ‘persecution’ and ‘witch-hunt’ against him. His campaign has majored on the mantra that he alone stands between voters and a deep state out to get not just him, but them. The latest polling suggests that more than half of Republicans believe the investigations are an attack on people like them.”

Frankfurter Rundschau (DE) /

This time he can’t cast himself as victor

The Frankfurter Rundschau explains why the trial in Georgia could be the most dangerous for Trump so far:

“Many prosecution witnesses in this conservative state — like the Secretary of State of Georgia Brad Raffensperger — are Republicans. This increases their credibility. If convicted, Trump faces a minimum sentence of five years. He cannot have the prosecutor replaced. And if he wins the election, he cannot pardon himself. But perhaps the biggest difference from previous proceedings is that this trial is public. So there will be television images. For the first time Trump won’t be able to cast himself as the victor. When he sits in the dock he will be shown to the public for what he is: a criminal political godfather and heinous felon.”

Karl Doemens
Ukrajinska Prawda (UA) /

A convicted Trump would have a hard time

If Donald Trump is convicted in the next few months that should be the end of his political career, journalist Oleg Pavlyuk speculates in Ukrainska Pravda:

“The court’s office has stated that it is aiming for a trial within six months, so before the 2024 US presidential elections.The trial in the confidential documents case is also likely to take place before the election. And since most of Trump’s party friends would not support his candidacy if he was imprisoned, the outcome of the party’s internal primaries to select the Republican presidential candidacy is by no means clear.”

Oleh Pawljuk
Pravda (SK) /

It’s always good when democracy fights back

Pravda doesn’t mince words:

“Those who have had the opportunity to observe Trump’s escapades during his time in office may not be too surprised that he would be capable of such abominations. Politicians like Trump are a cancer for democracy — enemies of a free and open society. ... And it’s always good when democracy fights back. What is even more tragic is that he still enjoys so much support and is running for the Republican nomination in the presidential elections. Once again, we see that American democracy, often hailed as model for others to follow, has its systemic flaws. We can only hope and watch to see whether the Americans correct the ‘flaw in the system’.”

Michal Horský