Kiss scandal: Luis Rubiales resigns

After being suspended by Fifa and under huge public pressure, Luis Rubiales has resigned as president of the Spanish Football Federation. He didn’t want Spanish football to be "negatively impacted by the disproportionate campaign" against him, he said in explanation. Footballer Jenni Hermoso, whom Rubiales had kissed on the lips during the award ceremony, has since filed a complaint.

Der Standard (AT) /

Apology and a lot more still lacking

Der Standard criticises Rubiales for not showing any remorse:

“Admitting a mistake seems alien to Rubiales’ way of thinking. This case shows: when a woman says that she found a situation unpleasant, she is doubted and her criticism is played down. This is especially true in the male-dominated world of football. The Spanish federation will have to work for a long time to restore trust and create a healthy working environment. Rubiales only resigned after he was forced to. He still owes an apology.”

Lukas Zahrer
Svenska Dagbladet (SE) /

This shouldn’t end here

The Rubiales affair should ensure that other cases of misconduct come to light, Svenska Dagbladet admonishes:

“Rubiales’ departure means the entire sports world can heave a sigh of relief and also shows that the demonstrations of support for Hermoso across the globe have ultimately paid off. Hopefully, it will also mean that the issue of how women are treated in sport will continue to be addressed. Because even though Rubiales has disappeared from the big stage, there are still many other transgressions in elite sport and mass sport that need to come to the surface.”

Anders Lindblad
The Daily Telegraph (GB) /

Don’t let this go to trial

The case should now be dropped, says The Daily Telegraph:

“He shouldn’t have branded those who criticised his actions as ‘idiots and stupid people’ and, with his refusal to apologise to Hermoso immediately, overshadowed a momentous moment in Spain’s sporting history. ... He should have resigned sooner, but he did the right thing by resigning now. He is not a criminal. And if this case does go all the way to court, my fear is that it could validate those who say ‘MeToo has gone too far’ and in the process, risk undoing all the progress we’ve made for women’s rights and safety.”

Celia Walden