Boat tragedy: deaths in the Mediterranean continue

Seventy-eight people have been confirmed dead so far after a boat sank off the southwest coast of Greece, although the real death toll is likely to be significantly higher. More than 400 migrants were reportedly crowded onto the boat, which was headed for Italy according to the Greek authorities. So far 104 have been pulled out alive. Commentators again stress the responsibility of the European states. (GR) /

Traffickers not the only ones to blame

The EU is partly responsible for the deaths, news website In stresses:

“For years, the Mediterranean Sea has been a sea of death. People driven by poverty, violence and war seek a better fate in Europe. They cannot migrate legally because the EU’s immigration policy has been dictated for years by the far right, which cries ‘we have no room’, overlooking the fact that all European states were created through population movements. This means that people who want to get to Europe must go through traffickers. ... The easy explanation is to say that the traffickers are to blame for the thousands who drown. .... Yes, they are to blame, but they are not the only ones. ... The traffickers exist because Europe doesn’t want to take in the migrants.”

Lefteris Charalampopoulos
Avgi (GR) /

Solidarity remains the only way forward

Only through concerted action and on the basis of international law can a solution to such tragedies be found, the left-wing daily Avgi believes:

“For today’s Europe, not even the large number of deaths is reason enough to see this as an emergency situation or to discuss a change of policy in dealing with the refugee and migration issue. This was not even the case when unquestionably democratic governments were in power. Will it happen now that the scales are tipping in favour of Meloni, Orbán, Le Pen and the German and Spanish far right? ... There will be no solutions unless they are pan-European and based on the principles of solidarity, fair distribution and respect for international law and the rights of asylum seekers.”